DC-CI Mailing List

We use a group email list server (sometimes known as a listserve) for Sunday jam coordination and incidental communication. The mailing list is self-service - please subscribe by filling out the form the subscription form↗︎ to receive emails about venue changes, group discussions, special events, and so on. Subscriptions are moderated, so you may receive an email before your subscription is activated if the administrator doesn't recognize your name, asking you to indicate the nature of your interest in the group.

All members can post to the list, but we need conversation to be held to jam and local dance topics. In order for everyone to be reachable for crucial logistics postings we need to be sparing in use for other purposes, so it's not a pain for anyone to stay subscribed. See below for posting guidelines.

Please contact the list maintainer with questions, suggestions, and other feedback.


  • Coordination, logistics, and connection for the sake of CI practice


  • For DC-CI jammers and DC-CI jamming
  • Postings are relevant and succinct, so jammers are happy to stay subscribed


  • Use the list for postings of interest specifically to people who attend the DC contact improvisation jam:
    1. Jam coordination and logistics.
      • Schedule and venue changes; questions, comments, suggestions concerning or pertinent to our jam; stuff lost or found at the jam.
      • Extended discussions should be spun off the list to concerned individuals, with conclusions of general interest posted back when they're reached.
    2. Contact Improvisation topics of local interest — related dance practices, festivals and retreats, etc.
    3. Significant personal occasions concerning individual jammers. Examples:
        • Crucial life change events — health, moving away or to the area
        • Rooms for rent or being sought
        • Social gatherings for jammers

  • Make all postings personally directed to the list — not part of blanket promotions.
    • Do not treat list subscribers as mass-marketing targets
    • If you must forward broadcasted announcements about relevant events, include a note personally tailored for the list.

  • Do not post repeatedly about frequently reoccurring non-DC-jam events.
    • DC-CI subscribers enrolled for information about the jam. Do not misuse them by treating them as involuntary subscribers to your own events.
    • You can post on rare occasions for your events, if the event would be of interest specifically to local contact improvisors.

  • Do not subscribe addresses harvested from jam postings to your separate lists.
    • You can invite them to subscribe, but the choice to participate must be theirs (like in a dance).
    • As with non-DC-jam events, you can occasionally post about your mailing list, if it would be of specific interest to jammers.