June 2024 Irene Sposetti Events

We have several opportunities in June 2024 to study contact improv with Irene Sposetti! Irene has been teaching internationally for over 20 years and has visited DC in the last few, teaching CI at Interfusion and in workshops and labs for DC-CI. She is a terrific dancer and teacher who conveys biomechanics and personal dynamics that enable you to fully engage in and explore moving with others in CI.

Two CI WORKSHOPS: Saturday, June 15 and June 22

We warmly invite the DC CI community to gather for two days of dance, together deepening our skills and creative endeavors in dancing CI. These meetings are for those who have experience with Contact Improvisation fundamentals. Irene will provide technical themes to investigate and practice and will offer the possibility that participants actively inform the subjects to explore, dancing our questions. There will be time for improvising in focused scores.

Ideally, we can have a trajectory that builds over the two weekends, we warmly invite you to attend both! You’re welcome to attend a single workshop as well.

We will have a short pause of 20 minutes in each workshop for resting, integrating, and snacking.

Contribution: $50 / session or $75 for both. 

Private  Sessions: June 15-23

Uplift your experience by engaging in individually tailored sessions during Irene's stay! 

These private sessions provide a unique opportunity to delve into your specific needs, questions, and intentions related to somatic functional embodiment for movement, Contact Improvisation techniques, and partner dancing. Whether you aim to enhance your understanding of your body, expand its expressive potential, refine your movement skills, or explore particular technical and creative aspects of CI, Irene will work directly with you, crafting the session according to your personal needs and interests. 

The sessions are suitable for individuals, couples, or small groups of up to four people. Each session lasts 1.5 to 2 hours, with a sliding scale for costs. You can also purchase packages of 3 to 5 sessions. The sessions can happen in a private location in VA or we can use other places according to your needs and availability.

To take advantage of this opportunity and scheduling, and for any additional questions, please write to:

WhatsApp: +393248645535/beingmotion@yahoo.com

CI Class, at the Sunday Jam: June 23

Irene will be guest teaching the intro class as part of our regular Sunday Jam! All are welcome!