DC Jam Liability Waiver

At the jam, we have to be careful with ourselves as well with each other. The jam is not a class, and ultimately each one of us is responsible for our own safety. The art of Contact Improv is the art of exploring your movement frontiers, starting with your existing capabilities and gradually discovering more about what you can do that fits in the moment. The more clear that each of us is about where our frontiers are, and the more that we pursue their exploration carefully, the safer we are collectively, as a group. This liability waiver affirms acceptance of that responsibility, indemnifying the church and the rest of the group in the case of injury.

Our group insurance requires that everyone submit a signed a waiver before participating. We generally have copies ready to sign at the jam, but bringing one that you've printed can help, if you have the opportunity to do so.

DC-CI Liability Waver 2021.pdf