Sunday Jam Activities

Our Sunday Contact Improvisation gatherings include a mix of open jam sessions and sometimes more organized structures

  • See What Happens at Our Jam for a perspective on the regular jam sessions

    • See Organizing the jam space for the structure we use to organize the regular jam sessions to support each person getting to choose how and when they share their personal space.

    • See Respecting Boundaries for principles we respect in order to support those choices.

  • In the past we have shared an Underscore on the first Sunday of each month – see Our Monthly Underscore. We hope to restablish this practice as soon as circumstances allow.

  • In the past we dedicate the first hour of the jam (from 2:00 to 3:00 pm) to an introductory CI class on the third Sunday of each month. We hope to reestablish this soon, too. Both are waiting for more regular circumstances as the COVID pandemic settles.

During times when social distancing is required for the COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic we might share some online activities. (See The Sunday Jam status log for schedule info.)