The DC Sunday Contact Improv Jam

Pay for the Sunday Jam $15 or other - fill in the price box at PayPal.

What, When, and Where

The Washington, DC Sunday jam is a gathering to practice Contact Improvisation (CI). It happens every Sunday, and will be moving around this summer – see below for location and time, etc. The jam has been happening almost every Sunday (barring special exceptions, like the pandemic) since around 1982, at various locations around DC.

  • Until prevailing recommendations change we are requiring that all attending are fully vaccinated, and ask that you bring a mask for traveling through the building to get to our studio.

Everyone with a genuine interest in CI is welcome, regardless of prior experience.

Jam attendance costs $15, to cover dance space fees and other operating costs. (Bring cash or use the PayPal box in the page header, above.) Our event insurance requires that all participants sign a liability waiver.

  • Starting Sunday, August 7, 2022 through September 25, 2022, the Jam will be held in the social hall of Saint Monica and Saint James Episcopal Church, from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

    • As COVID continues to be active locally we require all who attend to be fully vaccinated and to wear a mask in the studio.

    • We post about extraordinary changes for situations like venue outages or COVID surges here and on the DC-CI mailing list and in the DC Contact Improv Facebook group.

  • Pay for jam attendance in cash at the Jam or pay online using this link or by clicking the above page header Pay Now button. (Accepts credit cards and PayPal.)

  • See Sunday Jam Past for a little more background.

  • See our Related Activities list for local CI-related activities.


During August and September, 2022, the Jam will be held at the social-hall space at Saint Monica and Saint James Episcopal Church on Capitol Hill.

See our Contact Us page for a map and repeat of the above information.

(*) Note : Until July 31, 2022 we were at the Dance Institute of Washington. That location is no longer active.


  • During August and September 2022 we will meet Sundays between 2:30 and 5:30 pm. See the Jam Status page for current status.

  • On the first Sunday of each month we share an Underscore at the regular time. If you're new to the Underscore, please be there at 2:30 pm to attend the talk-through. If you're familiar with the talk-through, please be there by 2:50 pm for the opening circle. See Our Monthly Underscore. Being on-time helps the session work well.

  • On non-Underscore Sundays being there at the start helps the jam work well, but it's up to you - people continue to arrive between 2:30 and 3:30 pm (and 4 and, well, 5:30).

Jam Logistics

Checking the Current Jam Status: the Status Note

We keep the Status Note on the home page up-to-date with the status of the upcoming jam. We post time or venue exceptions there, as soon as we know about them.

Keeping Tuned In: the DC-CI Mailing List

We use the dc-ci mailing list to share notifications about contact improv in the DC metropolitan area. Subscribe to receive emails about venue changes and special events. All members can post, but conversation is held to jam and local CI-related dance topics. See that page for details and posting guidelines, as well as self-service subscription instructions. Membership is by moderator approval, but nobody is turned away if they're genuinely interested in contact improvisation and are respectful of others.

DC-CI Facebook Group and Page

These are our presence on Facebook. Note that we use the mailing list, described just above, for practical coordination of the Sunday jam.

Jam Etiquette

Contact Improvisation is based on mutual cooperation rather than control. Good dances as well as general jam wellness and safety depend on respecting each other's boundaries - please read.

To make it easy for everyone to have whatever time they need to return to partnering, we maintain this structure – an improvisation-organizing "score". Please be familiar with it, so we can all support each other's choices.

The regular Sunday jam is open to all and loosely organized. It is not a class, but you can become acquainted with the practice by dancing with us and asking questions. See What Happens at Our Jam for info.

The first Sunday of each month is special - a good opportunity to get acquainted with the jam. We conduct a more organized session, called the Underscore. For the Underscore sessions it's important that people previously unfamiliar with it attend an orientation talk, just after 2:00. In general, the score depends on everyone arriving and ready by 2:20 for the opening circle. For more details, see Our Monthly Underscore.

While the first Sunday Underscore is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the jam, anyone interested in practicing CI, or just seeking a glimpse of it in practice, is welcome to all sessions. You don't need previous experience to join us, just considerateness and curiosity to explore contact improvisation.