Organizing the jam space

Organizing So Everyone Can Be Involved At Their Own Pace

We maintain the following agreement to make it easy for everyone to have solo time whenever they want. The heightened challenges of returning to partnering after the COVID quarantine accentuated the need for this, but it's always essential and we continue it as an ongoing part of our jam.

Here's the arrangement:

  • The edges of the space are for solo moving or observing.
    When you’re on these edges you do not need to let others know that you’re moving solo – that is a given.

  • Those in the interior of the space are available for partnering.
    All the regular sensitivities and sensibilities for negotiating engagement apply.
    You can still move solo while away from the edges, but you may have to engage with others enough to respond to their invitations.

This way, those not yet available to engage with others indicate that just by being on one of the soloing edges. That is, they need not engage with others in order to indicate that they are not yet available to engage.

In practice, sometimes jammers forget and extend invitations to those on the solo edges. We hope those wanting to remain solo feel fully supported to do so. (If inclined, feel free to remind the offerer about this agreement.) We support individual choice while allowing for occasional, and hopefully diminishing, lapses.