“The Kinesthetics of Tempo”
With Irene Sposetti
Jan 20-21 2024

I am so glad to again be meeting the DC dance community and have the chance after the Interfusion Festival to explore in greater depth the technical and creative aspects of the dance.

I look forward to sourcing from your curiosity and interests during this weekend, exploring together core themes of Contact Improvisation and its expressive relational embodiments.


I wish to explore the embodied experience and expression of tempo within movement. How tempo is felt, interpreted, and translated through the body and in relation to the other movers and what surrounds. Emphasizing the dynamic interplay of delving with the kinesthetic elements of in-contact dialogues and the way we engage with and convey the rhythmic pace, shift of speed and musicality of our movements. 

Engaging with others and the entire group, our focus is on tuning in, synchronizing, and articulating embodied dialogues—creating spontaneous compositions with the emergence of  melodies and the kinesthetic nuances of tempo.

I aim to enhance our capacity to source from our authentic and intuitive expressions, as well as compositional curiosity - creating a rich and immersive experience with our dance partners, the witnesses and the whole space.


My objective is to nurture sensorial intelligence, physical awareness and skills, leading to a profound understanding of self and empowering personal agency.  Acquiring the ability to make effective choices with a lucid comprehension of the immediate necessities and the adjustments to the ever-shifting realities of the present moment during the improvisational dance process.

I am looking at a development that facilitates me to engage safely with a diverse spectrum of embodiments and individuals, and equips me with the tools to communicate with clarity and ease during CI dancing.

We will explore some of these themes according to the needs and interests of the participants

  with 10:30 to 11:00 am  personal warm-up time

This workshop is part of the InContact DC Jan 2024 program.



Irene is a versatile performing artist, facilitator, and dancemaker with a multidisciplinary background. Although originally from Italy, Irene has spent more than two decades living and traveling as an independent freelancer across Europe, Asia, and North America. Her artistic path has been shaped by diverse cultural influences and deeply rooted in self-inquiry investigations and practices.

Irene specializes in offering and producing dance training, events, and performances across esteemed institutions such as universities, companies, cultural institutes, festivals, and independent platforms. Her work has reached audiences across the globe and reflects her distinctive and diverse experiences as a passionate explorer and artist.

In 2011 she created BEING MOTION, a platform for collaborating and sharing her artistic practice, to promote independent educational and artistic projects.

Through her dance, she aims to facilitate a heightened state of presence, enabling more conscious, functional, and effortless movement, broadening the technical, creative, and compositional skills of the movers.

She has a particular interest in researching and refining the embodiment of movement biomechanics through the understanding of principles and explorative learning processes. 

She is interested in the “synergy of togetherness”,
the relational, communicative and creative aspects of contact improvisation, partnering and group dancing.  

Furthermore, Irene delves into the somatic, psychological, and relational transformative impacts of dance. Her exploration extends to understanding how the practice heightens self-awareness, breaks down conditioning, instill a sense of empowerment, and contributes to overall well-being. 

Live music and voice are part of her performing and teachings, exploring the link to body and movement and the evocative imaginary power of word, sound and music with dancing. 

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