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This site is for coordinating Washington DC metro area contact improvisation, particularly the weekly Sunday DC jam.

  • See the next section for up-to-date Sunday jam status.

  • See The Sunday Jam pages for practical jam details, including location, times, and also a sense of what we do.

  • See the Contact Improvisation page for info about CI.

  • Use the PayPal box in the right top of the page to pay online for jam attendance.

Sunday Jam Current Status

(Check The Sunday Jam page for general practical jam info.)

  • The Sunday jam continues at the regular time and place

    • As COVID continues to be active locally we require all who attend to be fully vaccinated and to wear a mask in the studio.

    • Our studio host, DIW, requires completing a COVID screening survey each day that you enter the building, and also sign a COVID liability waiver one time. Please see COVID-19 and the Sunday Jam for instructions!

    • We post about extraordinary changes for situations like venue outages or COVID surges here and on the DC-CI mailing list and in the DC Contact Improv Facebook group.

We update this section with anticipated schedule, venue, or other changes that affect the jam. (Until the pandemic such changes were very rare - barring extraordinary circumstances the jam happens every Sunday of the year.)

Every Sunday (with exceptions noted above) we have a Contact Improvisation jam or Underscore at Dance Institute of Washington, a four minute walk from the Columbia Heights Metro station.

  • [Not currently happening, hoping to resume as soon as COVID settles more] On the first Sunday of each month we [will eventually] share an Underscore at our regular time, from 2:00 to 5:00 pm. (Please be on time - that helps the Underscore work well.)

  • On the other Sundays we have a regular jam, also from 2 to 5 pm. (Timing is more open on those days.)

  • On the third Sunday of each month, during the first hour, we offer an intro-class concomitant to the ongoing regular jam (at no additional cost for attendance).

  • On all Sundays we have a closing circle starting around 4:30.

See the Sunday Jam page for details and guidance.

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